Veganism.A Social movement or spiritual awakening?

IMG-20121031-WA0001Veganism. A social movement or spiritual awakening?

We have been made to feel encouraged to break free out of stereotypes, and connect on a more profound scale through social media.

Like, share, poke, follow and find our ‘friends’ but, I dare to ask, is that really what we are searching for? Do the connections we long for actually start/finish within ourselves, through our planet and all living things? I encourage you to ask yourself these questions.

Being a vegan I have noticed a lot of things changing in my mindset and body. A transformation is continuously occurring, a conscience cleared, a body cleansed and a mere mirror of myself more liberated. Through going vegan I feel more connected to people and animals around me, because I honestly can look at them and say “I care, I am making a conscience decision to no longer promote and support the evil in this world.” What we as living beings have to realise, is that no matter what the history was, or what our history is, change in our everyday actions can make a significant difference. We need to realise the root cause of world hunger, deforestation and extinction of species is purely due to what we choose to consume.

If you chose to go vegan you would be saving 1100 gallons of water, 45lbs of grain, 30 square feet of forest, 20lbs of CO2 and 1 animals life per day.

The farming and production of meat industries for mass consumption is proven impossible for sustainability. I preach the message simply to be that we have to create a more sustainable environment, and through that, cruelty free. Not only for ourselves, but the animals and plants that inhabit this earth with us.

Not only is our species overpopulated, we have to take responsibility for the damage that has already been done. Respecting our planet, for we are merely visitors over a short period of time and CAN make a difference in looking after the root that unifies all of us, Mother Nature. “Man needs nature but nature does not need man.” We have all heard this being said before but when are we going to wake up and realise we are indefinitely nearing our end as a species and taking the planet down along with us?

Sometimes it’s difficult to find your place or your purpose in today’s society. I encourage you to believe you had it in you all along and sometimes just shifting one’s focus further than oneself, can ultimately connect you to everyone and everything. Shifting your eating habits to vegan foods not only makes you more aware of what you are putting into your own body but it also makes you realise how much chemicals and poison there is in factory production.

For 23 years, being a meat/ dairy consumer, I cannot believe the lies that I was fed.

Mandy Mallen


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