The Money Fight

The Floyd Mayweather (Undisputed Welterweight Boxing Champion Undefeated in 21 years) and Connor McGregor (Mixed Martial Arts revolution through holding two seperate weight titles in the UFC) match-up were what all sportfans were talking about this past 26 August, Saturday, Las Vegas, Nevada.

The much anticipated fight involved a massive payday that would involve global promotions, TV commissions, and buy ins from major stakeholders from both Boxing and Extreme Fighting Fraternities.The plot was perfect, the rising star in populus was given a “once in a lifetime” chance to quadruple his net worth in half a fight.

In a sport that is seen unorthodox for his fighting style, the hype and build-up were paramount in covering up that the talented fighter would be schooled by the length of the boxing bout, the rules governing the punches, and the fact that the age was not a factor given the retired undefeated record that became official as soon as the bout went longer than 4 rounds.

Sportfans were not disappointed that the technical knockout went Mayweather’s way in the early parts of Round 10. The fight was a spectacle, but I can’t get enough of the pre-fight analysis, the post match conference, the weigh-in gathering, the taunting and tactics surrounding their world tour.

Floyd Mayweather in my books displayed his businessman guile more than an athlete these days, as he did announce that with his retirement from the sport, he would be involved in Promotions, training, and endorsing the sport of boxing moving forward. The Payday was massive. The guarantees were massive, ‘Money’ Mayweather was guaranteed $100M, as well as Connor was guaranteed $30M. The numbers are still to come in regarding the Pay-per-view numbers,closed circuit, and ticket sales locally and internationally. There was a split for Mayweather Productions as well as the McGregor Productions to cash in anywhere between $40-60M bonus just on the live fight alone. The details are all speculative. This puts McGregor on anywhere between $50-70M for this retired boxer to come out of retirement and smash the previous record he had set with the Manny Pacaio fight back in 2015.

So, as Dana White (UFC president) stood post-fight and said that Connor, “would not box but will rather focus on his MMA fights moving forward”. It’s hard to fathom that a professional debut for McGregor in boxing means that his guarantee against Nate Dias in that UFC rematch was ten fold more in the difference in earnings, so who would not blame the Irishman bringing the two factions together, or probably apart, but the capital he has gathered can be noticed in the respect that both fighters expressed for each other post-match and the chances for a rematch, and possibly attempting another massive Payday may be shortlived, as the Money Fight did not have any attempt to spark a rematch or re-attempt the achievements of this Spectacle.

The sport of boxing and MMA do rely heavily on the element of entertainment, as the sporting event could be dubbed the most spectacular in comparison to other arena promotions. I personally was happy with the status of boxing, as it is one of the traditional and longest running sporting codes when considering the professionalism and the archaic origins of its beginnings. If you were a betting man, I am sure the bookies did collect a lot of “underdog outrights”, this before the bout was sitting at around 4 to 1. If you guessed the round that Mayweather would receive the technical decision, then you would have gathered at least 8 to 1 on your stake for the respective Money Fight.fight-mayweather-mcgregor-97bd6d44-d437-4986-93d1-df5ac1b10363


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