2017 Golf Review

It has been a year filled with moments. A hole in one here and there. Golf trips around the local circuit. Swing changes and big moves in the Golfing journey.

The year began in January, but essentially Spring ends the wrap-around season on the Amateur circuit. January was the start of many plans to move from a semi-descent swing to a purpose-understood course management. January saw a Dundee trip that turned into Equipment modification. Custom fitted at the Pro Shop in La Lucia saw changes in the club setup for my journey.

February included a Kokstad tournament. New clubs and bag with the intention of Mid-Am highveld tournaments coupled with League. The website development for my brand was the beginning of packaging multiple activities to link social media and the connection of similar minded sportspeople. MyBigShort.com was born in February.

March was the Pretoria Mid-Am which ended in a Jordan Spieth meltdown. The benefits of the highveld trip was meeting OB Barber from MoreCorp. There was a mutual mandate in for the promotion of golf courses around the country by blogging on the site. Visit playmoregolfsa.co.za to read some of the course reviews I did from March onwards particularly for the KZN region. I also was up for the Joburg Open at Royal J&K as well as Tshwane Open at Pretoria CC establishing useful contacts on the professional tours.

April was a month of getting setup with new equipment coupled with a new swing coach. It was a Steve Cottingham crash course that would last three months. But better to do this now before the second half of the year. Retaining my home club champion matchplay status and venturing to Sun City for the SA Champs Mid-Am were all learning steps with the overload of golf instruction. Of course the grind was going to be on.

May was Cape Town included with some plans for the upcoming circuit. The sunshine tour is starting in the neighboring countries also leading to some agency activity with attaining player endorsements for the upcoming Vodacom Origins of Golf and Sun International challenges. Unfortunately no KZN open, and amateur tournaments this time round, as the North Coast legs were also missed, with all the additional activities conflicting. June and July would be keeping it simple with winter classics and one trip to Nelspruit for the LowVeld Mid-amateur.

August,September and October were months were the swing looked and felt more consistent. The tournaments and the interclubs were not showing the positive changes achieved with higher ball flight. The South Coast was the venue for most of this period, and the wind was more challenging over this spring. November, December brought some excitement as the new year is fast approaching, mixed results for both myself and the Pro I represent, he managed some big efforts at the Origins of Golf finale coupled with Mauritius Open and Joburg Open European tour money pots. Udemy instruction was a new focus developed in the closing quarter, course creation with Golfers to utilize mobile Apps on the golf course were published in December. Please visit http://www.udemy.com to see some of my creations.

2018 shows a busty calendar that involves interesting locations, so there is definitely a similar trend in the circuit, but this year hopes to bring some top 20 performances with some amazing content to be shared.

Please keep posted for the latest developments on MyBigShort.com….


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