Anonymous Father’s Day

dsc_0005Anonymous Father’s Day

The controversial documentary, “Anonymous Father’s Day”, details the stories of sperm donated children seeking out their biological fathers.

I find it hard and sad to write about this tough topic. You are loved, brought up by a human being that bleeds extreme lengths to have a birth child.

Sperm donation to these single parents by anonymous fathers is this subject matter.

It’s not about being technical, but imagine being the product of an anonymous father who is absent in your formative years, then to have the dilemma of searching for your biological parent for soul-conscious clarity.

I would struggle with the confusion and my existence in the world if my loving mother had to bear that one day I would have the curiosity to get the full picture, and go against the anonymity to side with the biological parent who was not invested in my childhood.

Single parent problems are normally conventionally a biological parent checking out, and now a different dichotomy.  The single parent makes this extreme accommodation to still host fatherless society problems.

The children that have been part of the anonymous father scenario also face the same issues as single parent divorcing from unfit fathers.

A fatherless society increases high school drop out rates, self -esteem detriment,  teen pregnancy rates and juvenile delinquencies. We have a fatherless society like never before, as statistics show that increased number of US children born out of wedlock has increased ten fold compared to US children in the fifties.

The current bills are not uniform in the states,  equal parenting orders and equal custody across the nation is not standard. This anonymous father’s day does pose the controversy it creates, and in layers.

I still would not know how to react being a sperm donated child seeking their biological parent. The YouTube videos and the documentary from 2011, all highlight the increasing number of calls for help, and fatherless society symptoms.

It will always be more debated that the single parent and arranged partners seeking birth rights through bio tech raises the bio ethics debate. This topic puts conventional equal parenting order far from display. Policies and political agendas will determine whether these arrangements increase a fatherless society, I do hope these prodigies do end up finding there purpose and gain clarity for all society sake.

Please see my published piece on GMP…



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