Dad dilemma- Lisa Ling Documentary (CNN)

Lisa Ling hosts a mainstream media documentary detailing the Parental Alienation and non-equal parenting issues in the United States.

The You tube video takes a good view from a feminist strength movement opening the dialogue with how men are less inclined to raise father rights in spite of the equal rights protests and #Metoo movements where domestic rights are not same as jobs rights as single men are pouring out their hearts to similarly minded men.

MGTOW is a group of members (men going their own way), and their poster child Steve shares his opinion that the women’s rights are fair in the workplace but being disproportionate in the domestic sense, with many custody disputes being influenced by motives to which men are found helpless in their younger brave decisions in family, and provisions thereof.

The next insert introduces Jake, 20 years in the army, a heartbreaking story of a divorce that has attracted 20 motions after a filing for a protection order, for the mother of two ex, who by all accounts could not find an amicable separation that keeps the father from parenting but sadly visiting rights with a predetermined written permission to the ex to visit the children. Divorce lawyers stand to benefit with this delay in finalizing the separation, with Jake expressing to Lisa that the online community have helped him through this difficult time.

The next segment, Lisa Ling visits a group of men, no one should be part of, the divorced men’s club, that have a group of broken men meeting in someone’s apartment having a cold one from a divorced man’s refrigerator (imagine the compartmentation). We meet a veteran police officer and Carlos, a successful pediatrician until parental alienation and the biased court system lead you towards a hostile divorce and custody battle.

Parental alienation as described by most men standing around the open plan talk about how toxic the child views the estranged parent once the separation weens the honor to which most fathers feel robbed!

Carlos with his divorce showed that collateral damage of an inevitable separation prompted by the ex due to infidelity with his co-worker led to a nervous breakdown and attempted suicide. The example shown here exemplifies separation and it’s risk for mental instability.

Another nuiance with Carlos’ divorce is his child support payments. A surrender to the system lead to his monthly alimony assessment being heightened and unsustainable due to his medical practice letting him go. The assessment does not recognize how you produce your highest net income, but rather what income you as  parent are capable of paying for child support. Instead of amicable mediation, the dead beat family support act hit Carlos where it hurts, and that label incarcerated him.

Dr Carlos Riviera, now serving jail time for being a dead beat parent, unable to pay child support whilst in jail was filed for the the third time not meeting the overstated child support obligations leading to his medical practice filing for bankruptcy and possibly never reopening again.

Last stop for Lisa was to visit Justin, a full time barber in for 650 USD per month child support, who struggles to see his child at all(every other weekend and Wednesday’s, that four eve per month!). With Justin’s extended family creating a support when visiting, justin’s father says that each of his three sons are destined to be great parents because of a respectful example.

From Justin checking out from fatherhood, Jake tries to checks-in with Carlos who is an activist communicating to members about parental alienation and family estrangement. A clever summary of a piece ready for mainstream by Lisa Ling and the CNN “This is Life” team.


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