Pure HOTNESS – Shape of You – Samba by Pasha & Daniella

Urban ballroom dancers are exploding the internet! Check out Pasha Pashkov & Daniela Karagach’s Samba to Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of you”. Absolutely amazing!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBzBdLzXgwY

Directed and Produced by Lauren Adams. Cinematography by Kenny Wormald. Additional Camera by Matt Luck & Nick Serian. Edited by Matt Luck. Additional Movement by Richard Porter

From the Dance Coach, You have an exciting piece of exhibition for the masses making Samba “Hip!”. The fact that you see popular songs used as soundtracks for traditional dance sport is keeping the pipeline of interest for all dancers not only the competitive style involved.

The Samba as a dance has a solid history, and its worth checking its elements in platforms like WikiPedia, but more importantly, the YouTube Ballroom channel has instructional and technical influencers to build knowledge of the current syllabus.

I can give my take on the above video, it does the Samba much like the way I portray it in my external imagery. The dance moves that are showcased are the bota fogos, the volta’s, and the rolls. These are a category of moves, and they portray variations of each category, much like the layers of progressing from advanced to pro in areas like the footchanges into contra-promenade position and normal promenade position. They as a couple move and keep rotations in transition, as they pay attention to the lyrics and the bars of count with moves that become more picture, and the footchanges are solo spot, and further whisked as the holds become more closed with the option to utilize all the space on the floor with open holds, and all round excellent interpretation of the count.


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