That Little Tournament in Augusta- Countdown to the Masters- PART ONE

Hole 12 has produced many a moment especially the Sunday Afternoon Final Round at Augusta.

This time of the year is refreshing, especially with April around the corner. To keep the Memories flooding in, this could be podcast-able…

I have a series with episodes titled…”On the bag with Mitch”, and some of the featured players most definitely will be a factor when Sunday at the Masters is upon us.

The YOUTUBE footage on previous final round coverage is remarkable. I have watched the first Masters win for Tiger, the 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012 tournaments with strong South African surges on the back nine at Augusta. The memories that I would like to share is biased, but Charl Schwartzel’s Finish at the 2011 Masters edition is the kick-off of Part One, and the featured hole for the piece is the opening first hole at the First major of the Season.

Watch Justin Rose in the 2019 edition of the Masters.

Charl Schwartzel, missed an approach right of the undulating greenside collection area (first cut-but had two mounds in his way for a 35-45 feet right to left breaking uphill speedy bent grass Augusta greens.

He rehearsed the 7iron with a chipping action to land on the ascending slope higher than half its height, then lose its speed enough to catch enough of the remaining fringe which started the road of fully lengthened putt that could be 3 puttable from 55 feet, and it had just enough release to make the remaining 20 feet and break enough from outside the cup if three balls right was the read, and he struck the flagstick with the spin that only heads downward, and Charl was on an ascendency that would continue with a eagled 3rd hole with a wedge, birdies on the 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th to silence a few, and keep Aussies Jason Day, Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy dreaming for another day for the first Aussie win (Adam Scott would win in 2013). That first hole was memory for Charl, but for all South African golfers.

Hole 1 - Tea Olive
Hole 1: Tree Olive
Par 4 (445 yards)

Historical Avg: 4.24 (6)
Low Year: 4.008 (1974)
High Year: 4.474 (2007)
Hole 1 - Tea Olive
Hole 1: Tree Olive
Fairway bunker (Most of the competitors take 3Metal or 2Hybrid to avoid this trap)
Hole 1 - Tea Olive
Hole 1: Tree Olive
This was not the pin position that Charl holed out with his 7iron chip in 2011. Imagine the flagstick being on the far right of this view, and he would have played that lie left of the view out of sight, and the path taken would have been just left of this pin from his view behind short with his missed approach, to hole out that Special Sunday.

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